Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Poems

Here is a list of the poetry that we will be looking at over the winter months, well done to all the kids who decorated their poems, we all agree that they look great!

Tell us what poem is your favourite and why?
Winter Poems Full


  1. My favourite is the poem about the dog and the bunny rabbit. It is called a story in the Snow. I like it because the bunny has a twinking eye and I like rabbits.

  2. Hi Ms Leydon and class,

    We liked this poem but we didn't think it was very cheerful.

    We are getting right into sumner.

    Mr Thurlow & Class

  3. My favourite poem is dragon smoke. I like it because the dragon breathes fire and I breathe smoke when it is cold. From Michael

  4. We liked the poem but didn't like all the fun makers about November because we like November!!!


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