Monday, November 22, 2010

French Toast

This week we are making French Toast. It was very tasty.
We made sweet French Toast which can be a breakfast or a dessert in some countries, it probably came from Spain so we wondered.....

Why is French Toast Called French Toast?
The French came across a way of using stale bread and still making it edible. Dipping in egg and pan frying with butter and spices hides the fact that the bread is past it's 'use by' date
If it was not used it would be thrown out or 'lost'... or "pain perdu"

Much of French cooking follows the same thought processes.
Many of the rich, heavy and creamy sauces that are prevalent in French cooking were created to hide the fact that the meat or fish was, or was very nearly gone off. Obviously these dishes were created before fridges were invented. We are glad that our bread was not stale or it might not have been so tasty!!!

Be careful though, the French do not like to be reminded that their food was often less than fresh...

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  1. I made french toast at school it was really cool.


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