Class Rules 5Ps

  1. Be Prompt - this means being on time for school, having your classwork done in the correct time
  2. Be Prepared - come to school with your pencils pared, and have your correct work in your bag, your copy or book is no good to you at home!
  3. Be Positive - if the work is hard that means you are learning, kind and helpful comments only
  4. Be Productive - this one is about using the amount of time in school wisely, are you spending time chatting in class or looking for a rubber? If so you are not being as productive as you should be.
  5. Be Polite - it costs nothing to say please and thank you, how was your weekend, have a lovely evening, imagine what our world would be like if everyone could follow this rule.
What if a class rule is broken?
A warning is usually issued first. This gives the children the opportunity to think about what they have done and to change their behaviour without any further action. Warning!
If this behaviour is repeated, then a yellow card is issued. The child takes a time out either in the class or in another class. The child thinks about what they have done wrong and decides not to do it again. Child returns to school work and the behaviour is not mentioned. Yellow Card!
If our class/school rules are broken on several occasions, then a red card can then be issued. This means that the child may have to stay in a zoned off area during playtime. There is also a not sent home in the journal. Red Card!
If this behaviour is continued then the parent/guardian is sent for or phoned. Often a meeting is set up with the discipline team. The Deputy Principal gets involved at this stage. Principal is also informed.