Sunday, November 29, 2009


Create and print your own word games based on a user-specified list of spelling words: word search, unscramble, which word?, sentence unscramble, missing letters and more.

This really is a great resource for children to practice spellings at home. Try it out here!
Unfortunately we can't use it for Litriu Gaeilge!

Here are some sites for English Games! Try it out here!
Here are some sites for some Maths Games! Try it out here!
Here are some sites for some Gaeilge Games! Try it out here!
Here are some sites for some SESE Games! Try it out here!
Here are some sites for Early Learners Games! Try it out here!
Here are sites to other Games! Try it out here!

That will keep you all busy!;)

Christmas Quiz

In preparation for the Christmas the three 3rd classes are organising a quiz. Many of the questions are being taken from the Seomra Ranga Christmas website. If any child would like to look at the quiz questions (& answers!!) click here!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Geography - The Counties

We all are enjoying learning the different counties in Ireland.
Here are an interesting video on youtube.
This is a video showing different scenes from around Ireland.
This is another video of Sligo... I'm sure lots of kids will recognise the opening scene!
This one is more of an historical video... notice the cars driving down O' Connell Street - it must be an old video! click here!
If any child in the class has any ideas on what you would like on the class blog please ask Ms. Leydon.

Ancient Egypt

In our History at the moment we are learning about Ancient Egypt.
Here are some links to sites that may be of interest.
Mummy Maker Game
Pyramid Challenge
Information and other links about Ancient Egyptians click here!

Here is also a link for ideas on starting a project on Ancient Egypt.

Christmas Carols Karaoke!

Hey there everyone,
Going to try and blog on this a bit more. Was getting together all the songs for our Christmas carol singing next month. Came across some good karaoke on youtube so the pupils can practice at home! Click on the link to try it out...

Hope you like these... happy singing!
Ms. Leydon

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cheaper interactive whiteboard using wii remote

Just some food for thought around using the Nintendo wii

watch video