Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Magic School Bus Digital Storybook

Untitled from Joanne Gilmartin on Vimeo.

We hope that you like our story!

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  1. Hi, what a nice blog you have.

    I see you have a section called 'top sites' for kids and I wanted to know if you could add the site I have helped founded which is called www.StoryTimeForMe.com which is a public online children's book library which already has more than 30 books and 1-2 books are being added each month. There is no need to register or log-in.

    One of the nice things about our stories is that it teaches kids about socially relevent themes. For example, here are a few stories to show you what I mean:

    http://storytimeforme.com/story/ben-wants-help (Ben and his friends work together to help animals who have been affected by a natural disaster.)

    http://storytimeforme.com/story/ben-and-green-earth-team (Ben and his friends set up a recycling program at their school.)

    http://storytimeforme.com/story/ben-cleans (Ben and his friend Pete discover that their favorite beach has been polluted and they decide to do something about it.)

    Almost all the books have a lesson that can be learned.

    Please let me know either way if you would. After you read some of our interactivestory books I would very much like to hear your feedback.

    Oh, one last thing, look here http://storytimeforme.com/teachers, I bet your class would love to use this free program for upcoming Earth Day.

    Andrew Gitt
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