Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy St. Nicholas' Day Everyone!

St Nicholas is remembered in many parts of the world every year on 6th December, although in other parts he is hardly remembered at all, except in his guise as Santa Claus, more familiarly known as Father Christmas.

The celebration of St Nicholas on 6th December continues in many places, and some cultures still choose to use this occasion to give gifts to children.

In the Netherlands St Nicholas is remembered on 6th December, but on the eve of the festivities he appears as Santa Claus to give gifts. There are similar celebrations in parts of Belgium as well.

Leave out your shoe outside the door of your bedroom or classroom and see if St. Nicholas' will leave a treat for you.... but remember if you watch for him he most certainly will not come!

Above are some pictures of St. Nicholas giving gifts to the little children just like he does today and another one of putting coins in a poor girls stocking.

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