Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Visit to Sligo Garda Station

Next Week we will be taking a visit to Sligo Garda Station as part of our Geography lessons. We are really looking forward to seeing what goes on in a Garda Station. We have made out some questions that we want to ask and what we are looking forward to seeing the most.
To learn more about An Garda Síochána or "Guardians of Peace" click here.


  1. 1. Where does the Gardai work?
    2. When was the first Gardai Station built?
    3. Is there Gardai Station in every counties?
    from Carlos

  2. the pictures are cool where did you get them? from caitlin

  3. Well done Caitlin, you are this week's top blogger!! The pictures are from Google Images and from Did you enjoy the school tour today, my favourite part was seeing the camera room, the gardaí are watching everyone!! See you tomorrow, from Ms. Leydon


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