Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Story of St. Brigid's Cloak - February 1st

Tomorrow February 1st is the Feast of St. Brigid. It also marks the first day of spring.

St. Brigid went to the King of Leinster to ask for land to build a convent. She told the king that the place where she stood was the perfect place for a convent. It was beside a forest where they could collect firewood. There was also a lake nearby that would provide water and the land was fertile. The king laughed at her and refused to give her any land. Brigid prayed to God and asked him to soften the king’s heart. Then she smiled at the king and said “will you give me as much land as my cloak will cover?” The king thought that she was joking and because Brigid’s cloak was so small he knew that it would only cover a very small piece of land. The king agreed and Brigid spread her cloak on the ground. She asked her four friends to hold a corner of the cloak and walk in opposite directions. The four friends walked north, south, east and west. The cloak grew immediately and began to cover many acres of land. The king was astonished and he realized that she had been blessed by God. The king fell to the ground and knelt before Brigid and promised her and her friends money, food and supplies. Soon afterwards, the king became a Christian and also started to help the poor. Brigid’s miracle of the cloak was the first of many miracles that she worked for the people of Ireland.

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  1. Hey, we see your following our 'Larriers' blog. That's pretty cool for us, we hope you enjoy it. This is a really good blog and we loved your St. Brigit's Cloak post so much we used it in class to learn about St. Brigit. Well done to Ms. Leydon and all the class. Are you 6th class because your blog i really professional? Our Lady of Mercy seems to be a really good school.

  2. Hi Mark, We are a 3rd class in Sligo town. We got the story and changed it around for our blog. Our teacher does a lot of work on the site. We have just got a laptop and projector in the class so hopefully when we get internet on that the children can put up their own stuff! Well done on your blog too... it takes a good bit of dedication to keep it going... blogging is the way of the future!;)


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